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Deac: Up to you whether Reletha senses Rwos' presence on Coruscant or not.


*Done with reading up*

Scar: Chavo was with Fused Irvine for a while, ended up with RH Irvine. RH Irvine took him to meet his rogue Jedi faction, and Chavo signed a contract with Chi to work with that faction.

Chi wanted to have Chavo make sure that Irvine's siblings were not falling to the Dark Side.

AHA, I see why Ctrl + F wasn't working for a section of the story...Chavo's name spontaneously changed to Chavez for a couple pages. Damn you JM

*Another attendent walks in and gives Chavez Chavo sets of almost authentized identification for both the Republic and the Loyalist Empire.*

Attendent "I was told to give you these. And tell you: 'There is something going on with the empiral royal family, get some information about it from afar. How ever we won't send you unprepared.'"

*In comes a black suited man with a wide suitcase, inside contains approx. $2500 in currency transferable cashiers checks, a repeater rifle, two changes of clothing, and a lightsaber (blue).*

Black suit "It's the standard assortment for most of our agents."
They also provided Chavo his ship.

Chavo then went to Ulna Shardes, just missing the razing of the planet. Apparently he almost hyperspaced right into the second sun created by Lokpihet (IIRC) above the planet. Then he popped back towards Coruscant.

Hm, then he kept trying to get to Cracken, and somehow couldn't each time.

*Chavo exits hyperspace soon after. He looks around, and sees nothing. He lets out a string of swears that would embarass a sailor*
I'm pretty sure that's the last time he appeared. XD

So RH Irvine should totally recognize him. ^_^

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