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Name: Saqarias "Saq" Tubres
Species: Falleen
Appearance: Green and smooth, like most Falleen. 6' 1" feet tall, 155 lb weight, augmented hair, each hair strand 1 inch thick. Bladed covers on hair strands.
Weapons: Toxic-dart Shooter, Compact Falleen Lasernet, Knuckle-blades, 6 inch blade, Tenloss Disruptor Rifle, Blaster Pistol
Bio: Most would think he was on the pilgrimage most Falleen youths take, but Saq had a different future. He harnessed his skills as a student from a high clan in the Falleen soceity. He left at the age of 17 to harness and test his skills in the harsh galaxy.
In 4 years, he became a feared, secretive bounty hunter and had collected enough bounty to lead a rich, happy life.
Some people just can't resist the risk...

Saq was on Dantooine looking for some clients. His soul seeked mischief, but he reminded himself that he had no client yet. He walked with an air of pride, his armoured chest thrust forward and pale green head held high. His golden eyes twinkled in the sun as he looked cunningly. His dreaded smile appeared and faded on his face as he looked at the Dantooine crowd. Some looked back at him aggresively, some shivered, some looked at him curiously among a thousand expressions and feelings Saq had seen after his flight from his fellow species.
Something told the young cold-blooded, scaly bounty hunter that his next victim was somewhere near...

OOC: EDJ, why do you want to kill your own bounty?

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