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At the "Victory Screen" and score table, there should be a few seconds allowed where players can type stuff.

It's nice to be able to say "gg" or something once the match ends. As it is, you can type but noone can see it, period.

A brief message of the day display or list of changed cvars that displays during the loading screen would be nice.

I know they like the whole "zooming in on the satellite" thing, but some more info would be good. Also a status bar for loading.

The "colored bars" are okay, but a true ping number display next to each server in the browser should be allowed, plus more filtering options. Instead of the "busy" button, it should say what it's doing (refreshing new servers, connecting to the game with a status bar, etc). More info please!

Unreal Tournament still has the best in-game browser of any online game I've ever seen. Pandemic could learn a lot from it.

In-game toggleable FPS counter (and a console of course). This would be a great addition.

One more thing, add the ability to change the menu resolution. Right now it's forced into 640x480. It would be nice if there was an option to match it to the game resolution (or have a seperate option to change it) so you can view more info at a time if you wish.

Smarter, non-Immortal Jedi: Make it so that Jedi can actually be killed by Infantry. If you still want them to be able to block anything, even behind their backs, make an explosion at their feet (that knocks them down) take them out in 1 or 2 hits (like a regular soldier) or 3-4 hits to make them "supermen". Vehicles should be able to take them down in a few hits from splash damage, rather than having them never ever die except from tricks like being stepped on or blasted into a pit. Make the Jedi respond to orders, or at least help out their fellows in need. If more balance is needed to make the now weaker Jedi more useful, give them the ability to "force jump" (think of the Dark Troopers jump jets) with a little sound effect. Make the "Heal" not just an animation, but something that really heals them (since they are really taking damage now), but not something they can use forever. Make Jedi hard to kill, but not impossible for infantry, in other words, and make them smarter and more useful for the team, rather than randomly roaming around.

Giving Jedi the ability to harm other Jedi with their sabers would be nice too. Perhaps reduce the blocking behavior against other sabers (say, only front shots are blocked, while not swinging). This would be a little more work than the above, but would really make them better than the current window-dressing they are now.

PS: Faster/Stronger blasters (especially 1 shot kills) are something that a lot of people seem to want, but I don't know if they have thought about how that will affect the gameplay.

With the lack of spawn invulnerability, the low framerate & lag and the fact that most servers have Friendly Fire/Team Damage ON, means that there's going to be a lot more added frustration, with only a tiny return for the extra "realism." Also, why bother with headshots if every shot is going to kill instantly? If "realistic blasters" are going to be added, this should be a seperate game mode option, not the default and such servers should be clearly labelled.

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