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*Vidar had listened to the conversation intently before speaking*

Vidar: While this conversation on where the battle should be fought is interesting it is also pointless. It was determined a long time ago that the battle will be fought at the plains of Vidgrid. These plains stretch 120 leagues in every direction and will easily fit both armies. It is a four day march from here and on the fifth day is the battle. *Vidar looks at Hal and Drago* We also have our strategy planned.

*Vidar looks over the group finally stopping his gaze at Cracern and speaks primarly to but is also addressing the entire group*

If you actually want to fight and survive, lose that over confident atitude, otherwise you will die quickly. Also for those who do fight, you will be part of Our army and you will follow all of our orders without question and immediatly. And Raschel is correct it is not 36 to 1 but 32,840 to 1 ((Just making the number stand out))

Heimdall: We have bound by duty and oaths to fight in this battle, it is a little complicated and the hour is late so I will not go into it, but that is the main reason why we are fighting. Also only the Sith cannot be killed, their other forces are as mortal as we are, and that it is another reason why we are fighting.

Tyr: Things may become clearer in the morning as to our reasons for this fight. Try and enjoy yourselves now though.

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