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Tyr: Matt, just don't think about death then. It's a waste of energy, energy that could used for drinking of sweet mead. Now since this is suppose to be a feast let us end this talk of the battle and enjoy the food and company of friends.

*Talk of the coming battle died away as a fast up beat tune began to play. For the rest of the evening the conversation was kept light, serious subjects being deftly sidestep so that people may enjoy the feast. When a couple of hours had past and the food and drink all but gone Vidar and the other Aesir rose from their seats*

Vidar: The hour is late, and tomorrow will be a day of marching. It has been a pleasure to have you dine with us. We will see you early in the morning. Good night.

*Vidar leaves the table and heads through the feasting area to the encampment. The Other Aesir at that table said their good nights before following Vidar. Heimdall lingered for a little bit*

Heimdall: If you can't remember where the tents are signs with arrows have been erected. Just follow them and you will find your tents. Good Night, sleep well.

*Heimdall follows the other Aesir, in no rush to get to his bed*

((Tomorrow or friday I'll post a set of rules for the battle, and some information like the size of the enemy army for easy reference))

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