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"Who is it?!?!" Saq interrogated on the grassy road.
"A... Hutt. Falleen leather... good money." the Rodian whimpered.
"Give me the name and address or you will have none."
"Yarl, base near Anchorhead."
And with that, Saq got up and picked up his attacker by the collar.
"Listen. I want you to live. Tell your boss that Falleen Leather is coming. You killed me. I want you to tell him that, or be prey to my burning net of laser."
The Rodian nodded and fled the location.
"So to Tatooine we go..." Saq whispered and went back to his room and packed. Rather than fairly paying the manager before he left, Saq decided to use his grappling hook to swing and zip across rooftops and went towards the nearest Space Transport Station. Saq preffered to stick with the public rather than get a ship of his own. That way he can keep up with the latest news and gossip.

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