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Battle of Vidgrid Information

Loki's Army:

Fenris Brood-----------1,078,082,181

((The five missing are Hel, Loki, Fenrir, Jormungand, Lokpihet))

Vidar's Army



1. Fighting will occur between Dawn and Dusk, roughly 14 hours. Battle will commence when a Rooster crows and ends when it Crows for a second time at Dusk.

2. THe Figthing will be in the plains of Vidgrid. No side will have an advantage in terrain

3. No ranged attacks. Anyone trying to use a range attack will be thrown into the mist of the opposing army where they will be swiftly killed

4. No communication between Noncombatants and those fighting. If one try's to use telepathy, a communicator etc. Noncombatant status will be removed and the offending person be thrown into the mist of the opposing army

5. No Calvary

6. At Dusk each side will remove themselves from the field. Attacks will not be effective after the Rooster crows a second time. Noncombatants after dusk may enter the battlefield and the wounded or dead may be removed.

7. No one may leave the planet or land on the planet between the Sounding of the Horn Gjallar and the end of the battle.

8. The dawn of the following day all the above rules are no longer applicable.


Info for those in the group wanting to fight:

Group members fighting will be assigned to a unit. Disobedience will not be tolerated within that unit. The group members fighting will be expected to:

1. Follow orders without questioning them or complaining. Failure to follow orders will result in execution. Complaining about them means the group members will not be allowed to fight or they get assigned a worse task.

2. Act in a mature manner. Failure in this will be treated similar to the punishment for complaining.


Any Questions?

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