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((Admiral, if there are no lulls in this battle everyone will be dead in twenty minutes.))

Hal: With our flanks unprotected we won't last long.

*The Compact House Gaurd joins them, his is a tall, lean man in his late thirties with a scar running down the left side of his face from his hairline to his chin. His name is Raloin*

Raloin: These people are proud, I think they mean to fight in open formation.

Hal: Twelve Hells! I hope not. One on one they'll all be slaughtered.

Drago: Aye, and we with them.

Hal: Raloin, there's no dishonor in not fighting this battle.

Raloin: Then you will stand aside, My Lord?

*Hal looks down.*

Drago: You have a wife now, no matter how hard you ran from her I do not think you wan to leave her a widow.

*When Hal looks up his eyes are fiece and he bites off his words.*

Hal: I will fight and I will not die.

Drago: No, that is what I will do, now if you will excuse me I am going to get very drunk, I suggest My Lord goes to his bride.

*Drago gets up and pats Hal on the shoulder as he leaves, Raloin goes with him.*

*Once Hal is alone the image of his mother appears to him.*

Sophae: You nerse anger in your heart, my son. Drago is right, you should go to your bride.

Hal: Why do they think so little of us?

Sophae: Long life does not make you wise, your father would have lived to perhaps one hundred and fifty but he would still have had his temper, he would just have vented it at his servants instead of his sword partner.

You have your father's hot blood and you must learn to control it, twice already you have failed, in the temple and in the forest. If you do not temper your anger it will lead to your death in five days.

Hal: I will die anyway.

Sophae: If that is your attitude then that will be the outcome.

Hal: The Asier Svafa, her faliure was worse.

Sohae: Yes, but we are not talking about her.

Hal: How can I rely on her?

Sophae: How can she rely on you?

Hal: I hold to my oaths.

Sophae: Not all of them. Prove your worth at their battle and perhaps they will think better of you.

Hal: And if they don't?

Sophae: Go to Allessa, she will worry that you will make her a widow.

Hal: I will not.

Sophae: Your word is your bond, Earl of the Black Wall.

*She dissapears.*

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