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Post 'BUGS IN 1.1'

Post here bugs that occur in the patch 1.1
New bugs, or bugs that already existed. If you already posted that bug then you can link to it here.

If you're not sure if its a bug or just your client, do go ahead. Also some may post htings they've only seen a few times but are there. if you got an idea when exactly it appears do so.

Remember this is for BUGS only. NOT for suggestions (i.e. 'better balancing system) or damage system etc

I'll start:
I hosted my own server to test 1.1 and noticed this text came on each other. I haven't noticed this anymore though, but havent played that much 1.1
At a certain moment after a map change everyone saw this on top of the map, a weird reinforcement table.
This is NOT a monitor calibration error. On kashyyyk docks my remote (droid sniper) fired pink blaster shots. All the other red blasters (rifle etc) were normal

I posted earlier that when in SP in historical campaign, if i clicked on "mission restart", the map would reload but IGNORE my brightness settings, they would be default (which is quite dark for me). If i just click on the brightness tab (not moving the slider) it was ok again though.

Now when in MP the map loads, my brightness settings are ignored again. Each time a map starts i need to go to video options and do the trick again.

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