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((BD: I'll give details through my characters, however it will be longer then twenty minutes. I've been planning this battle for a while and have looked at the Scots for some inspiration.

Mead is gone so getting drunk is impossible.

JM: Matt going to regret that since they are all marching tomorrow))

Heimdall: That would be suicide, and not possible for either you or Aidan. Myself will be fighting Loki and won't have the chance.

If you fight, your going to be placed in a Schiltron, these are tight circular formations, and if you break formation you can put everyone in that Schiltron at risk. That is another problem with you and the others fighting. Schiltrons require a lot of discipline and practice especially when they move across the field, like ours will be doing.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day of marching, so unless there is something else I suggest you get some sleep.

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