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Re: Balance issues and other things to be fixed (PC version)...

Originally posted by DemonKing
There are a few things that still need fixing for 1.2, IMHO:

1. Rocket damage needs to be upped. They simply don't do enough damage to vehicles at the moment to make them worthwhile unless there are 3 or 4 of you firing at once...and even then the load time is too long for the damage you do.
TO me the rocket has plenty of damage...It may just take a little bit to kill somthing

2. Fix the Droideka - folded up it's nearly impossible to get it going in the direction you want it to go as the conrtols are just a mess. It wouldn't hurt for it to be a little faster when unfolded either - at the moment it get's owned by clone jetpackers.
CIS suck..nothing can help htem..They always get owned by the clones...Thats somthing you will have to live with...And the Droideka is awful anyway just don't be it.

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