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I agree with Alegis, if anything the vehicle HP should be reduced. The rocket strength should not be just increased. It does insane damage on units.

If possible, it would be nice to increase rocket damage vs vehicles while keeping rocket damage vs units the same. Though I'm not sure they have different damage variables for different unit types. Hopefully they do for balancing sake.

I think balancing at this time needs to be on a per map basis. I wish they would have given server admins the ability to adjust the number of vehicles on a map.

For example, the tattooine dune sea and the naboo plains both are two small and open for the number of vehicles. Maybe one tank/speeder/walker per side, but definately not two and then acouple other planes or speeders. Those matches just turn into vehicular spawn point humping. Also on Ren Var(sp?), the imps have an AT-AT and two tanks, while the rebels just get two speeders. Not a fair balance.

Give server admins the ability to add and subtract vehicles so we can tweak the balance on maps.

Fortunately the devs did include the ability to adjust tickets per faction per map with the new server build. This will help server admins try to balance out maps.

For example, in the naboo and tattooine cities jetpack troopers can just jump from spawn to spawn point easily. Throw 100 or so extra tickets on the droids side to help even things out.

The units definately need to be tweaked cause there are definately balancing issues, but I think map balancing at this time is more important!
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