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Wrong BD: Things would have been worse. Much worse if they didn't.

and they will be fighting in Schiltrons.

The reason why I choose Schiltrons vs PHalanxs, or other formations is that Schiltrons form an entirely circular defense. Where a phalanx tends to have their backs and a side exposed. (Not good when surrounded).

Schiltrons basically form a shield wall with weaker units in the center, stronger ones along the perimeter. Now those in a Schiltron need to be very disciplined and have had a lot of practice with the formation, especially when the formation moves For obvious reason.

And this is going to be the Key to why the Aesir are not dead in 20 minutes. At the center of each Schiltron will be a healer like Idun.

As an Aesir becomes wounded the formation will essentially walks over the soldier until the wounded man is at the center with the healer. Once the soldier has been treated they take up a place in the last ring.

BD. As you see this formation creates the shield wall Drago had initially suggested also allows for the rotation of troops. Those who had been fighting the most can drop to the ground and the formation walks over putting the tired soldier at the center fresh ones in the front.

I will also point out that ranged attacks can quickly destroy schiltrons. And people wonder why I outlawed such attacks early on.

and you may wonder why the group not encouraged to fight: well they have had no practice with schiltrons. It is also why there is no room for people not following orders. When the one in charge tells the formation to move right they all must do so as one.

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