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Originally posted by Sabretooth
If you wouldn't mind me asking, dude? What the Hell is that doll? It gives me the creeps...

BTW, Check out me new av! HellKnight, yeah!
It's taken from the movie Brazil by Terry Gilliam of Monty Python. The guy behind the mask is actually Michael Palin also from Monty Python.
He is also responsible for the following movies, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The 12 Monkeys, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen and Jabberwocky.
You've probably guessed I'm a fan of this guys work. He is a movie making genius (imo)
Also my nickname horseflesh comes from another Terry Gilliam movie The Time Bandits, horseflesh was the (deceased) leader of a gang of time travelling midgets !.

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