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Just when things start looking good...

I get a job (finally) been working there 2 days so's nice factory job, the work is too easy...and i get 8 an hour...and it's 2nd shift...

anyways today i went to get lunch...and took my car...and it was acting all weird not going back 35 so i put some oil in it, thinking that would solve the didn' i kept driving trying to get back home (noticed the cars rpm shooting to 70+ at 30 mph......) and i get to a ****ing red light, and it turns green, i put the gas on and i go with the help of some people we move the car off to the side of the road..i call my dad, and he decides to check the transmission fluid (something i've never checked before ) and it's empty... so we go and buy some trans fluid, and it doesn't help. we're going to let the car sit for an hour and cool down and try again, but i think the car is dead. =( the thing that sucks is i'm going to have to pay to get it towed to a garage, it's like half a year overdue for a damn inspection, it has 135,150 miles on it, and i believe it is completely gone.

I was gonna start saving for a new car before this one died...and appears i'm a little late.

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