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"Ten blocks north and then right. There's an old building there and on the second floor, there's a phone." Radar says to Tepe.

Meanwhile, Agent Johnson and Agent Jackson exit the blue Civic as the remaining of the police car stop themselves next to the Agents. "I have..." Arcon stops talking to Shadow and picks up his cell. "Head down five blocks north and then turn right. There's an old building and in the second floor, there's a phone." The call is dropped and Arcon pockets his cell. "Everybody, follow me." Arcon says to everybody around him. He sprints off far away from the three Agents and the police officers as possible. Bullets can be heard hitting the wall and ground as Arcon continues to run into an alleyway. Other bullets hit the car and skim above and around where Shadow, Wire, and Jokemaster are at.


(Out of Character: Darth Tepe, you're character is more father down than Arcon, so that'z why you’re ten blocks away. Curt-Man, have Rogue follow Arcon, since Rogue is closer to him. And since Rogue hit the wall, I think he won't be able to get up right away. Remember, Rogue hit the wall at about half the speed the car was going, so he'z in pain. Just rephrase your post into him hitting the wall and getting up rather slowly than quickly.)

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