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((BD: They would not allow Drago to do that. Needless to say having a Drunk man around is not something they want...

I also decided on what the formations are going to be. And how they are going to work. Discussion thread for details.

and so everyone is on the same page)

Time: Early the next morning

*Vidar, Heimdall, and Tyr stood on a platform overlooking the assembled army of the Aesir. The Group was in front of the army along with the other Aesir which they meet last night. Behind the platform was the Aesir's base.

Vidar stepped to a Podium, the wind picked up a little, but quickly died down.*

Vidar: Ages ago, an oath was sworn by my father to fight evil in all of its forms, regarless of the scarfice it may require. Since that ancient day every Aesir has taken the same oath and many have given their lives to fullfill it. The Allfather gave his life over Coruscant to fulfill this oath he had taken. With his untimely death I gave the orders to launch the resonance torpedoes and destroy the stars.

As you all know, the holocaust we unleashed was to spare the lives of trillions to the hell that was coming. However, it had a secondary purpose to strike at the evil that was going to take over this galaxy. It was succesful, the Formorians were completly destroyed, the Heloki lost ten billion when their star went nova. Of the Jotuns, our worst enemy; only six remain.

We have seen success, and our enemies are fewer in number but do not grow over confident. Hel has returned from her imprisonment in Niflheim and brought with her an army of Sith that we long ago defeated. As you know this Sith army cannot be permantly killed and are now under command of their former Jotun overlords. Loki has also returned and is the supreme commander of the enemy forces. His vile children are with him and believe that they will have an easy time taking this planet since they so heavily outnumber us.

In four days we will teach them the folly of that view and make them pay dearly for this world. While most of us will not leave Vidgrid, our deaths will not be in vain. Of the enemy forces only the Sith cannot be permantly slain. The Heloki, Fenris Brood are all mortal and it is your task, your sworn duty to remove as many of them as you can. By killing these loathsome creatures we will make life easier for those who are on a quest for the Time Matrix.

At the battle of Vidgrid we have the chance to lessen the forces hunting the champions on the quest for the Time Matrix and we will take that opportunity and make the most of it even though we shall pay for this chance with our own lives. This scarifice is well worth it if we can aid those seeking to restore the time line and end this twisted Ragnarok, this Gotterdammrung.

In four days we will fulfill our oaths and meet our fates with a smile knowing that we have done our duty and will die with our honor entact. However, the flame of the Aesir will not leave this planet and our bases will not harbor the enemy.

Kenaz Dagaz

*Flames leapt from the sky and and landed on the former base. A large inferno quickly ensued but didn't spread beyond the base. The flames could be easily seen from orbit. This happened across Midgard at all of the Aesir's bases*

This fire can never be put out and will burn until the end of time. Besides denying the use of the base the fire will serve as a memorial for those who give their lives at Vidgrid and a reminder to our enemies that even in death we still resist them...

The hour now has come for us to march to Vidgrid, and carry out our duty and oaths. We march to our deaths and to honor.

*Tyr steps forward and shouts with Sword Raised High*

Tyr: Death and Honor.

*The cry is repeat by the five million Aesir. Who like Tyr raised their weapons in the air.

Vidar flanked by Heimdall and Tyr walk down the platform, and join the other members of the rulling council and the group.*

Svafa: Good speech brother. How about we get this army moving.

*Vidar nodded and singled a man holding a large horn. The man blows the horn and the Aesir turn to the left as one. Drums begin to beat setting the pace for the march. With Vidar at the head, the Aesir begin their journey to Vidgrid*

((In case anyone missed it: The battle is in four days... to repeat everyone has this day and another 3 of walking before the fighting begins))

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