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Arc Musea

*K'Warra enters the room, along with Maria and Elizabeth. He and Maria blast at Shunaria's eyes to distract him momentarily, and then the three exit through the portal.

Shunaria dives downwards. Kvana's eyes open as the dragon's head comes closer. Shunaria notices the movement, closer than his other targets, as Kvana tries to move.

Shunaria turns, diverting his path. Kvana struggles to his feet, grabbing his severed hand with his other hand. Before he can make an attempt to escape, Shunaria swallows him.

The gargoyle nalas form a ring and blast a spell at Shunaria. He turns his attention to them.

H'lena picks up the woman and leaps through the portal after the others. A'melie quickly follows, then Rwos. Trael waits, holding the burning gate*


Through the Portal

*The portal opens into Shunaria's castle, the main room with the wall-map of portals that connected all over the world of Mrear*

A'melie: ...I can feel the Force again...

H'lena: *to the woman* Quick! We need to be ready to take out the Arc as soon as Shunaria is brought through. *to the others* Be ready to fight, or else get gone through those portals so we don't have to shield you!

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