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Vidar: Kenaz Dagaz.

*As the flames rain down from the sky, Guy suddenly receives a vision. They came as a shock to his system after being gone so long, and he would have doubled over if the field in his transport wasn't keeping him in place.

He sees the planet from space, surrounded by the graveyard of ships, which he hadn't seen before thanks to his blindness*

Is this the future? The past?

*He sees a transport ship in space orbiting the planet, engines inactive, a ship that only Shadows would have used.*

The future, then...or the present...

*Somehow he could sense life inside the ship, something he had never been able to do before, and could sense that the life is...sleeping*

Magic. It's working in me now. Then the barriers in my mind really cannot come back...

*The vision rushes towards the planet, showing the burning bases of the Aesir. He sees himself, and the others, watching...or listening to...Vidar's speech. Then the vision cuts off, and Guy is left blind again, wondering*

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