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*After dinner, during the night.

The 'Irvines' were a bit away from camp, sort of in a private area behind a building.*

Sir-Vin "I don't want you to fight."

Cracern "Why not?"

Sir-Vin "Becuase I don't think that someone of your level of training should be in a fight agenst so meny and so close to the dark side."

Cracern "Since when did you start worrying, and careing all of a sudden?"

Sir-Vin "You're a good man Irvine, maybe if we knew each other sooner, I'd maybe have called you brother. In a sense we are. But I've had the mental training to deal with being so close to the dark side. Both dealing with my own agressiveness as a child and through the past couple years honing in on and improving that. You unfortunately don't."

Cracern "What's that have to do with anything?"

Irvine "You haven't truely experienced dealing with the dark side, until its right on top of you and trying to control your very exsistence. At your level, I don't know. You haven't been dealing with the dark side on this level... Neither have I for that matter..."

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