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Originally posted by EDJ
((By using his tail.))

I gave the money to my customer on Corusant with no problem. He thanked me and gave me my Credits. I walked on the street looking for some customers when i saw a Rodian Male. He was selling attachments for arm cannons...Sense i was only of the only one's to own and wear a cannon he had'nt sold anything. I walked over to him.Hey. Ive got one of the Arm Cannons....What do you have to sell? . The Rodian's eye lit with hapiness.Ive got a rocket launcher with 5,000 rockets.. My eyes got huge...5,000 Arm rockets were rare. How much? Ive got 10,000 Credits. Ill give you the Rockets and the attachment for 15,000. I picked the rodian up by the neck and held him up so we looked eye to eye.10,000 .Um, sure right..uh ok...10,000 it is.......

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