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Saq landed on Tatooine. He walked in the slimy Hutt's palace. "Hello, Yarl. Thought you'd get me after twenty attempts on my life? It is quite amazing how you can influence so many to work for you, and on that kill me! A job not even Vader would think of doing."
Within seconds the Hutt's Gamorrean guards pounced. Saq rolled back and launched a lasernet on the pile of guards. The net burned fiercely on the Gamorrean body and soon they were no more. He took out his dart shooter and shot three darts straight at the Hutt. The Hutt wailed and fell off his throne.
Chaos ensued in the palace and in the chaos, Saq found an exit. With blaster shots and guards at his tail, he jumped into the Tatooine sand and turned into a sand shade. The guards came out, only to be dumbfounded. He punced out and bit a guard on his neck. The other began firing and Saq used his earlier target as a shield. He then threw it on the attacker and used his blaster pistol to finish both off.
He had taken care of the Hutt once and for all. The rodian assasin was there, watching the chaos. Saq picked him up from the back and threw him into a sand pit. He threw a hundred credits in. "Your fee." he answered and walked away.

The unfortunate rodian was stuck with the credits in a sarlacc pit.

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