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Originally posted by Cyclone7
Um....I hit the E key to both enter and exit. You might wanna check your key bindings. Though mine are on default. Hit "E" I enter a vehicle, hit "E'' again and I exit.

Me bad...For some reason I forgot that you could set the same key for different things depending on if one was inside or outside a vehicle.

Well, after playing again today I will change it to:

5. Team Auto-balance. Particularly droids vs clones where every noob jumps on a jetpack. It's impossible to win Kamino as CIS because you're always facing 20 jetpack clones. I mean, I know they're clones - but sheesh!


"At this stage I believe I now understand the truth, which is that Lucas has gone over to the dark side. He is a Darth Billionaire ruling an empire, and is no longer leading a rebellion. He was once a semi-independent force, overshadowed by a dark and powerful business, but still managed to beat the odds and on his own terms, but now he sits on a throne with lightning in his hands and a franchise in his clenched fist."

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