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*after the burning of the base*

Sir-Vin "You've made up your mind haven't you?"

Cracern "Yes I have. I will help the Aesir."

Sir-Vin "Then I suggest that you find something not on the front line, perhaps you could help defend some of the wery in the battle?"

Cracern "I could ask..."

Sir-Vin "I don't think the front line would be good for you, nor am I thinking of it either. I heard of the method of fighting this battle from a few of the soldiers. It'll be best that you try and aid who ever is performing the magic in the schiltron that you're in."

((that okay with you admiral?))

Cracern "Schiltron?"

Sir-Vin "I haven't heard of it til today either, but its is indeed a cunning idea."

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