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That is funny BD, wrong but funny.

Your are making many assumptions about the Aesir's forces based on a battle with specific rules that outlaw Calvary, and ranged weapons.

You are also forgetting the Drakes that fight alonside the Aesir. Given no rules against ranged weapons they would reign fire down upon your legions before they got in range to use their longbows.

Also forgetting about the Futhark users who could put up shields that would make your legions ranged attacks useless, and well could refelct such attacks back at them. (handy trick).

You assume that the Aesir would not field calvary, again that is wrong. They actually have a long tradition of mounted combat. (In the true form of Ragnarok, Calvary is not outlawed, nor is ranged weapons btw).

Then you assume that they wouldn't have any ranged attacks of their own. Again that is wrong, Archery is another popular form of combat for the Aesir.

The beauty of living for so long is that you can train and become proficient in many different types of weapons.

Oh, you also forgot that if ranged weapons are allowed, they have weapons that fight on their own (remember Raschel's gun in the last thread). Each Aesir on the field could have a number of guns hovering over them and shooting at the enemy.

and that is just the tip of the iceberg. This battle is as limiting to the Aesir as it is to their enemies.

Reaons why Ranged attacks are outlawed:

1. Didn't feel like using them.

2. 5 Drakes with their fire would make the battle end very quickly. Even with the 3 friendly drakes, there is still 2 free enemy drakes that can send fire at the Aesir and kill many in a single pass.

3. Jotuns can launch fire balls, and frost/ice balls a great distance wanted to limit that ability in this fight (make things more interesting)

4. The Aesir's "mages" could caste defensive shields that would repulse attacks of the enemy and possible send them back at whoever initiated the attack (this is considered a ranged weapon/attack). I wanted to limit this as well.

and some more.

Reasons for No calvary:

1. Wanted to make things harder on the Aesir by depriving them of that option. Heloki in a way are the enemy form of calvary.

2. I wanted a pure melee fight.

and a some more reasons.

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