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((Deac: I'll repeat everyone is going to the battlefield regardless if they fight or not. Gortick, Ellela, Matt, Marin, Guy are all marching with everyone else. No option to stay behind.

For no other reason then the Asgardied is now waiting at Vidgrid (not on the actual field but where the Aesir are going to camp the night before the battle)

Scar: I'll assume Tyr explained that before Vidar spoke, and they don't get much of a choice where they are placed schiltron, incidently it will be at the centers where the healers are anyways.))

*The army and the group marched through the day, the durms setting a steady but face pace for the march. A couple hours before sunset the host came upon their camp site. Tents were already erected and furnished. The Sleeping assignments remained the same as they were back at the base.

Once everyone had deposited their gear another feast was held like the one the night before. The feast didn't last as long as the previous one as many were tired from the march and wanted to get rest before the next day's journey.

The next morning horns were sounded at dawn waking everyone. This time however Vidar, Heimdall, Tyr, Svafa, Idun, and the rest of the rulling council mounted horse like creatures. These animals resembled horse in every way except that they had eight legs. The animals were dressed in armor similar to that of their riders (Vidar's "horse" had blue and silver armor etc.). As the army and group left the camp site the rear echelons set the tents ablaze with torches.

The second day passed like the first, with drums setting a fast pace that could be easily kept. Again at night fall they came to the camp site that had tents assembled and ready for the army to sleep in them. A feast was held like the previous nights and on the Third day the camp was set on fire as the army left.

Although it was hard to notice the further South the army traveld the warmer it became. By midday on the third day patches of green grass could be seen and when the army arrived at their preassembled camp there was no snow in sight.

The fourth day of marching took them through a forest that had dense undergrowth and a medium size trail through it. The canopy blocked out the sun for the most part, allowing only a few beams of light to break through every hundred feet or so.

They arrived at their final camp site a couple hours before sunset. The camp sat upon a large hill over looking the plains of Vidgrid. Anyone who didn't fight would have a perfect view of the battle that would happen in the morning. The Asgardried sat off to the side of a trail that would lead from the camp to the fields, the setting sun made the ship almost glow.

An army of droids in the hundred of thousands were busily building a large wooden structure behind the Asgardried. It was clear that these droids were the ones that had built the camps for the army and group.

Vidar, Heimdall and the rest council dismounted. Vidar spoke a soft word to the "horse" and it with a sad look in it's eye turned and ran off the other animals following it. They walked into the camp and to their respecitive tents setting their gear aside. The feast would like the other days be held at sunset so there was some time to rest after the march.

Once Heimdall had set down his gear in his tent he left and walked to the southern part of the camp that over looked Vidgird. Heimdall was looking out at the field when Idona came up to him*

Idona: What are you looking at?

Heimdall: Our enemy...

*Idona pulls a pair of very powerful microbinoculars from a pouch on her belt and looks out. In the distance she could make out the enemy encampment, the distance was so great that the enemy tents looked tiny the tents seemed to go on forever.

Idona says nothing, she just lowerd the microbinoculars and leaned a little again Heimdall. He put his arm around her shoulder as the two of them continued to look at the battlefield*

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