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Saw a sith running down to where Arca was headed, Arca drew hsi VIbro sword(If you read earlier post it is only weapon I took with me), and cut teh Sith's hand of then picked him up by his neck.

"And why do you want be heading into thsi temple?"

"I'll never betray the new lord!"

Arca then chopped off the sith's head, then he continued down teh stairs tell he reached the Arena floor. He saw a small lever, Arca pulle dthe lever and all of teh sudden the arena floor startewd going down like an elevator..

Once Arca reached the bottom he was hyroglihics(sp) on the walls he was able to make out....


"Wierd..." Takes a pic with hsi helmt of the room. Then gets back on the elevator it comes back up.. He then sees a figure standing up.

"Freeze!" Arca shouts

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