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*A little way away from Heimdall and Idona Hal stands with Allessa, he has his arm around her shoulders and her head rests on his chest. The woman looks up at her husband.*

Allessa : You will not die tomorow, if you do I shall marry your horse!

*Hal looks amused and also a little surprised* My Horse survied the Holacaust, Shadow didn't get blown up.

Allessa: I had him stolen, your father said that if I held him for ransom you would be sure to come and see me.

Hal: My father had my horse stolen? *He kisses her forehead.* You have me now anyway.

Allessa: Yes I do, I've waited for you long enough and that is why you will not die, not tomorrow, or the next day or any time before you are a hundred and sixty. Even then you will leave me a widow for forty years.

Hal: My father once told me that the fourth law of phsyics is that a man cannot refuse his wife, so I will not die.

Allessa: No, you will not.


*Drago walks up to Orthos and sits down, he looks at the Starkiller sword hanging at his belt.*

Drago: The last time I saw that weapon it hung from the belt of a man named Jiyle, at least I think that was his name. He was trying to live to ancester who had been dead 800 years. That was 200,000 years ago, or near enough.

So tell me young Lord Orthos, does the duty of a hero weigh heavy on your sholders?

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