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Nahren watched the arrow fly in Zoric's direction and felt satisfied that it hadn't reached Zoric's hands. He picked up two sticks of wood and rubbed them furiously to make fire. He laid an arrow on the ground and took out a bottle with flammable liquid on it and poured a few drops on the arrowhead. He then applied a burning stick to the arrowhead which sparked and flashed and then burned in fire. He poured some more liquid in a pouch and tied the pouch to the arrow. He launched the flaming arrow to the orc company. Zoric was already headed to the village, just as Nahren had hoped. The arrow touched an orc's skin and burned. The pouch burst and in vicinity of fire, it burned fast, causing commotion in the orc company. Before long, arrows and stones rocketed at Nahren. He cursed himself and the orcs and fled into the forest. One lucky arrow, however pierced Nahren's leg. He gave a short cry on the pain and fell down. As he had fallen on a hill, he slowly slid downwards. Blood poured from his leg. He took the arrow out and gave another cry and tried to stop the blood. He didn't even have any first-aid with him.

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