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Originally posted by ImmolatedYoda
This has been discussed already: to do the cutscenes in-game would require a ton of scripting, which would have to be provided by someone who is, as of yet, not on the team; i.e. they currently have no one to script in-game cutscenes. And the mouths not moving was listed in the readme as a known issue.
If the issue is that they need a good scripter, them may I suggest this guy:
lassev (Lasse Vääriskoski),
His mod 'Syndicate: Initiation' for Jedi Academy had some really nice scripted cutscenes in it with voice acting (with mouth movements) and particle effects (which would be useful for the Mon Mothma and Kyle conversation) etc. In the event he didn't actually script the cutscenes you could ask him who he got to do them for him.
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