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Originally posted by Rogue15
It only has 135,150 miles on it. I'll miss driving it.
Oh Rouge, you have a lot to learn about cars it seems. I have had four cars of my own in my life so far and only one of them has been new (the one I own now). The first one had 180,000 miles on it when I sold it for $1500 (Bought it for $1200), the second I bought for $4000 at 40,000 miles, sold it at 210,000 miles for $1200 (did I get my moneys worth? it never broke down except for one flat tire) and my third I got for free from my dad at 100,000 miles and sold for $500 at 280,000 miles and it never broke down except for one flat tire and one bad water pump but it made it home that time anyway. I still have my fourth car and it only has 30,000 miles and I paid way to much for it. Drive it till it dies or it is almost there buddy.

Good luck, I feel your pain. Just wait until you have kids and a wife, they are worse than cars and you trade them in for a new model. Just kidding.

Go big or go home.
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