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Originally posted by ewok mercenary
Still, getting mouth movements in a scripted cutscene is as simple as anything, it simply requires you to put the sound effect on a voice channel if I remember correctly (last time I wrote a cutscene script was months ago :P).
We are not as incapable as you might think. Just because we don't have a profi scripter does not mean we can't write any scripts...

And you did not really read what we wrote already even in the readme.

One more time for you:

The mouth movements are working fine!
The only problem is : as soon as EAX is switched on,
the mouth movement is so small, nearly not visible at all.
Switching off EAX brings mouth movement back.
It might be a problem caused by not having correct EAL files,
by inadequate drivers, or by other unknown cause.
Thats why we preferred to currently disable EAX to give you best experience.

The rendered cutscenes are totally different. The creator has his own reasons for it.
There might be different ways of doing these, but you have to live with it for now.

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