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meh, what ever JM

Sophae: Oh you have no idea, Ivrine.

*The Dead Jedi walk foward, each exicutes a flurry of attacks, the sabres simply pass through anything they touch but every time they make contact with either Ivrine he feels the pain of the death blow he delivered.*

I how ever am going to red flag this one

bd, you sure your Jedi are Jedi?
taking revenge on someone, and not only that they're dead, and they're interacting with the person who killed them (who obviously is still alive)

from what i remember, taking revenge is strictly not Jedi like, but to come back to inflict that revenge while they're still dead. Thats is just for spite.

although Jedi can interact with those who are force sensitive (talk and what not). which of course i have no problem with

but they're dead, and i can figure alot of other dead Jedi looking down on that

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