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What's up with the Jedi ghosts, one with the Force, performing Dark acts of revenge, BD?

Also, if this was possible, don't you think all the Jedi killed by Anakin would've gone after him? [Note: Will need to wait for Episode Three to say this for sure, but Obi-wan certainly didn't do this to Vader after being killed by him.]

I know it's dramatic, but it totally doesn't fit Jedi at all. Maybe if they were Agamarians.

Also, isn't it correct that Force ghosts can be destroyed (Exar Kun)? Just pointing this out because I have no idea where this ghostly vengeance thing is supposed to be if you're planning on having them haunt F. Irvine forever, or anything...

Edit: To clarify why this concerns me, this storyline has a severe limit, so it cannot be drawn out.

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