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Originally posted by Shok_Tinoktin
I have just seen in the Dark Horse comic Jedi:Yoda, that Dooku is was in fact, Yoda's apprentice. That's proof enough for me.
I looked at it again, and this is not true. I was just skimming the comic and I put some stuff together very innacurately.

Originally posted by adillon
technically, i think everyone is yoda's padawan at one point or another, if taking the viewpoint that yoda is the only jedi we see teaching the younglings. however, i don't think dooku was that young when he joined the jedi order, so i believe that yoda was his master, much in the same way that qui-gon was obi-wan's.
That is why I asked if he was his apprentice. He could have been just a padawan at the temple.
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