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Some more battle information:

Each of the characters fighting will be in a seperate Schiltron. The schiltrons are controled soley by the Aesir and they will ignore any recommendations any characters make.

The characters in the schiltrons are in the center of the formation with the healer and are somewhat safe, they will not be rotated to the font of the formation. Their combat will truely begin once the Schiltrons begin to fail (this will be due to taking loses and them no longer having the ability to hold the formation due to lack of people.

Certain characters who have specific enemies to fight will not be in a schiltron. They will be at the front of the army and will be ignored by the enemy army (Example: Heimdall is going after Loki, and loki after him. Each army is going to ignore the two and let them fight to their hearts content). Reason it is how Ragnarok occurs.

Characters in Schiltrons:
Sir Vin

Characters in the front:

Posting: Hopefully tomorrow I will advance time again and have it be dawn right before the battle begins, allowing for some reactions if anyone wants to.

2nd post will be a short talk between the two sides.

3rd post will advance time again bringing to a point where all characters will be involved in the fighting.

Deac, WJ your two characters will be fighting against their opponents from the start so please don't think I'm trying to limit your characters action just don't want don't want to have everyone waiting a while.

*This may change depending on work etc.

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