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HC: Stuck in Bespin - Need Help

Liberation of Cloud City

I've been stuck here for days in Historical Campaign: Galatic Civil War (single player, medium difficulty).

I've played the regular rebel foot soldier and the wookie, but always with equally dismal results.

At first I played mostly on my own without regard to the other members of the team. Then I thought as I was losing over and over again perhaps I ought to pay a bit of attention to those around me. At first I followed the flow and commands of those around me, but when I kept losing I decided to head off on my own with as many as I could collect, aiming to capture the command posts.

And I'm still losing.

How do I start winning?

(In case you haven't seen any of my posts to this board, please note that Battlefront is the first game I've played since Dark Castle on my Mac SE - many, many moons ago.)

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