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Originally posted by Nairb Notneb
Why don't you think Dooku was that young when he joined?
i didn't think so because of his title as count. i thought that when one joined the jedi order, all contact with one's family was cut-off. but the databank states:
Dooku had studied the ways of the Force for almost eight decades, becoming one of its most powerful practitioners, though his ultimate loyalty was not to the structured protocols of the Jedi order, but rather to his own intuitions and ideals. His strong sense of independence concerned many, and even his mentor, Yoda, had difficulty reining him in.
i thought i had read somewhere that the influence and riches of dooku's family had helped to finance the separatists movement, which seemed contradictory to what the databank states. maybe when dooku left the order he inherited what was his. i dunno ...
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