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No, i wont let you, you're techincally getting in the way of a serious plot line BD, and its annoying me.

and no doubtfully Cracken.
didnt you read the posts that Red and Cracken did when Cracken made his recent return?

no "what if"s "and"s or "but"s about it. It'll end with a fight between those two. And I wont accept you to try and do other wise

oh yeah, at that time, F. Irvine wasnt exactly all there upstairs
not to mention you let Sophae die, she could have been just bruised a bit and got up, force healed and laughed at F. Irvine
until sometime after that he got stability

remember how Flax let him go? And F. Irvine basically said something along the lines of 'wanting to exceed his natural potantal with controlling the force'?
that could easily be understood as his first declaration of being a sleeper, to come and think of it...

*Flax aproaches F Ivrine.*

Flax: So, why the killing spree?
Fused Irvine "Because, we have untapped power. Untapped potental, however there is a part of us that still resists..." *voice changes to a much darker with a slight growl* "...the darkness..." *voice changes to normal, if there was one...* "If I had killed someone who you cared, I'm sorry, she asked for the fight."

*Fused Irvine turns around to face Flax.*

Fused Irvine "Notice our face, it is not that of one whom is dark, we could choose to live our life not for this face to change, but that power will not be tapped. But we desire to find our full poetental, to find our biological limit, and break it! The force is known to be boundless, I, we desire to find out if it truely is, if possible! But that is only but a small part the final goal... First some curtain individuals must die." *Turns back around.* "I bid you farewell..."
Note: At this time F. Irvine refered to himself as 'we', cus his true 'F. Irvine' personality hasnt been structured yet

I do have an idea when F. Irvine is more on the 'throw down' and using his powers alot, he'll lose some of that mental stability consentrating on multiple things at once (so not careing to refer to himself as "I")

*Flax considers following, but decides to wait.*
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