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Flax is the classic Warrior Statesman, adept both on the field and in the Senate. He is also a deep thinker, a compassionate man. However he has a naturally violent temper which occasionally erupts.

Kal is the apprentice Jedi, any of his faults are a result of Deac's neglect. He is generally thoughtful and given to considered action, his brother thinks he is not decisive enough

Mirra Is the ideal noblewoman, kind compassionate, she can play the harp and the flute. She's still very young so she's not as asertive as she might be. She's also more than politically competant, although again because of her age and station its not that evident, yet.

Sophae is politically deadly and and if she hadn't married Flax at 19 she might have been a bit of a man eater. She knows she's gorgeous and she likes to pull men's stings a little from time to time.

Sellenna: She's politically deadly and she didn't marry Flax, or anyone else so she really enjoys wrapping men around her little finger, that said she doesn't exactly have a mile long list of lovers.

Dasken works, fights, does his laundry. He's a carier officer who started out as a pilot, went spook and is now a pilot again. He's not contrained by Jedi morals and he's willing to do what needs to be done. That said he's a good guy.

Allessa she comes from a culture where women are spoiled and being beutiful and marrying a handsome man are the two most impotant things in the universe. For some reason I can't fathom she's head over heals for Halren Flax (He's tall, so what?). She has a good heart but its burried under a fair bit of fluff.

Drago is a fanatically devoted warrior, he drinks, gambles and practices cutting the left wing off flys with his longsword. In PtH he still hasn't got his wife back so he dies of alchohol poisaning at every opertunity. In the Cantina he's concerend with keeping his hugely traumatised wife sane and helping her adapt to the wider galaxy, so he's off the source. He generally has good advice and he'll stay sober until you tell him he has a day off.

Hal, well; He's pretty screwed up in PtH, in the Cantina he's a combination of his two role models, his father and Drago.

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