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((OOS: It's called the Aether but I don't remember if Rwos ever said so or not.))

*Shunaria roars madly. He lunges for the portal, then snaps back at the last instant.

The dragon locks eyes with Trael. Trael could almost see the metaphorical gears turning in the beast's brain.*

Can't let him have the chance to figure this out.

Trael: Deflegrate muri tempi et intervallia.

*Trael is sucked through the portal. With a roar of rage, the Phoenix Spirit inside Shunaria drags him along, cauing the dragon to burst into nothingness.

The Arc Musea was finally empty, shattered, but empty.


*Trael exits through the portal. Shunaria substantiates in a sphere of flame*

Trael: Now!

*Around everyone in the room except the dragon, as well as the wall-map of portals, a bright light appears, pulsing multiple colors, dominated by green and blue.

The Woman reaches her hand into the blue pool of light still hovering over the sarcophagus and pulls the Arc device out of it.

Light erupts around Shunaria, and his scales begin dissolving, as if touched by acid. The dragon roars in pain, and the entire surface of his body begins shifting and changing as the Arc's power eats away at it, and the dragon's own power attempts to repair the damage.

All around the room, enchanted objects leap into flame as magic is burned out of them. A few stray ratlike creatures in corners screech as their life-force is destroyed, leaving dead, empty bodies on the ground. Plants growing in jars wilt and die almost instantaneously. The light barriers around the group, and the wall map, begin burning with another light around their edges, the magic barriers being eaten away as well*

H'lena: *concentrating on producing more magic to power the disintegrating barriers* N-now! Kill the beast!

*Shunaria roars with rage, and lunges at the group*

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