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Well, wildjedi, now that I can actually answer your questions...

Originally posted by wildjedi
Am I right in thinking that somebody else will be controlling Darth Hellion? So therefore it would be that person's decision if Tanara wins... I can only defend her as best I can... BTW, she'll be loosing an arm if I have anything to say about it... her left arm. That's not a minor cut if you ask me!
Obviously, I will be. But it's not my decision, so to speak, as to who wins, or what actually happens. ^_~

Note, Misae will be much more powerful as a Sith than the group knew her as a Jedi. All that (hardly secret) anger, hatred, and lust for vengeance she's been carrying with her since the Holocaust...

Finally, for those introducing new characters, or family of new characters (), note that the current plan is that early next thread, the group is going to be crossing dimensions. (Not without a few stops first, though.) Also, there will be no several-month time skip between threads; just a day or so, this time. However, there may be a time skip of years involved near the middle/end of the thread, while in another dimension. Characters may or may not age in this time hiccup. This time skip may be as long as 18-19 years; anyone not with the group would be older by that number of years when the skip is over. This may affect people's future plans, and if that is going to be a problem then the skip can be delayed some time (even several threads, to put it near the end of the PtH chapters). The purpose of this skip is to leap over the twenty years required for the Holocaust timeline to end. (plus it's an interesting story idea.)

Just something to think about.

Also, everyone with their own story ideas may be interested to know that while I have (most of) the next PtH chapter planned out, (more details on this later), the chapter after that, Admiral and I have planned absolutely nothing for. (I have a couple ideas, but they could just be subplots.)

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