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Originally posted by Alegis

-Balance again; heavy weps should be strong against vehicles but weaker against infantry. turn down infantry splash damage?
I totally disagree. Splash damage from heavy weapons is absurdly small at the moment... Shooting someone with one of the rocket launchers is like using a sniper rifle it'll kill whoever it hits, and anyone standing *right beside them* is left undamaged. There should be at least a 2M blast radius, like a half-powered grenade going off. The arc trooper is already handicapped against infantry via the slow weapon reload (which should remain.)

Originally posted by Alegis

-Health bar or at least a button to call for medic/ammo
Yes! Excellent idea!

Originally posted by Vagabond

Give the server admin a way of locking everyone's view to either 1st-person-only / 3rd-person-only / or the option for the player to switch freely.
Why on earth would you want to force people to play from a perspective that they don't want to? Players can switch freely edit your key mappings.
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