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((Probably... there seem to be a bunch of uncontrolled Jedi and Sith on this ship... you could be one of them.))

Kira stopped, stiff with anger and trying to restrain herself. She turned to face Xeno. "Put your lightsaber away, Jedi. This is not the time for a fight. Besides, you are putting yourself very close to the Dark Side by your actions. Perhaps you should be Sith instead."

"As for your irritation over a Sith being in charge here, get over it," she continued. "If any Jedi is to be in charge, they'd not let you into the spot. You're too aggressive in the eyes of a Jedi. If it's merely that you want a Jedi in command, we'll work something out."

She pointed to a random Jedi standing around. "You. Come here and tell me your name." ((JediMasterDude, this could be your character...))

He gave his name and Kira said, "You and I will be co-commanders here. Nothing will be done unless we both agree on it."

Then, she turned back to Xeno. "There, are you happy now?"

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