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(Out of Character: Back tracking a bit.)


Jokemaster's fire delayed the Agents as they ran after Arcon,
Shadow, Jokemaster, and Beth. Running and looking around, Arcon spots the old building to the right as he exits the alleyway and runs up to the entrance. Once reaching there, he kicks the boarded up door and runs across the building's hallway and reached the stairs first. Quickly, Arcon pulls of his pistol and reloads the gun with his last clip. "Go on, run upstairs." He said as Shadow approaches, as well as Beth and Jokemaster. "I'll hold them off so all of you can jack out." In the distance, off to the left of the building, Rogue caught a glimpse of Arcon entering the building. Further down, to the south of the building, Tepe almost makes his way to the building.

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