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THE wild west story

Fourth try.

Ok, you are a cowboy/cowgirl in the old, wild west. You have a six shooter of any kind and maybe a rifle. You may work on a ranch, own a ranch, be a lonely rider or anything else. Look the profile example from my profile. All forum rules apply

Name: Tepe "Bullseye" McDagger
Age: 29
Occupation: Lonely rider, gunhero
Alignment: Neutral
Weapon(s): Dual Colt's, Winchester rifle
Horse: Mustang called "Orion"
Bio: Tepe was raised on the hill's on a huge ranch. He grew hard and when he was 12 years old, he tamed 34 horses in a week. That was his record, but then he met a black mustang called "the devil of the hills" and Tepe started to follow it's paths. Soon Tepe tried to tame it but didn't accomplish the dream. Two years later, when he was 14, Tepe met the mustang again, when he was walking on the hills. He tried to tame it with his bare hands and you should've seen the ranch owners face when he rode to the ranch with nothing. He had tamed his dream and when he was 20, he packed his bag's and started to train himself as the best shooter in the wild west. Well, he didn't accomplish that dream, but was close. Then one night when he was 29, he rode into a town...
Tepe rides on his mustang once known as the devil of the hills, now known as Orion, to the town and stops infront of the saloon. He ties Orion and walks in to the door, as the music stops and everyone turn to see the stranger that wore light brown long jacket that reached just under his knees, black boots and a light brown stetson. Under his jacet was his both Colt's and a whip tied on his belt. Tepe looked around and walked to the bartender and ordered a whisky as the music started to play again and the men continued their businesses. Then he walked to see a card game, drinking his whisky. He saw as the other one doubled and the other dropped off as the others cept playing. Tepe watched carefully and all of a sudden one of the men got all their money. One of the other men jumped up and drew his Smith & Wessons and pointed at the card player that was collecting his cards. "You cheated, you snake..." The man said, pointing towards the card players head. Tepe watched carefully and when the man was just about to shoot, Tepe drew his gun and shot the Smith & Wessons out from the man's hands. "Now, now. You don't want this stranger against you" Tepe said as he blowed the smoke off from his pipe and put the gun back. Everyone close saw the markings on his Navy colt. They started talking and Tepe looked around and the people got quiet. "Bu-Bullseye M-MacDagger?" The man slowly said and looked at Tepe. "That's the name" Tepe answered and put the empty glass down to the table and then sat down to a stool and ordered another whisky.

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