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((A long time...))

The jedi ran to the hangars just as the sith lightsaber hit the wall besides them, ignited. The jedi had underrated the power of this sith, and ran to a two-seated fighter not too far away from the doors. The fighter flew off just as the Sith ran into the hangars, drawing his other arm with him, as the apprentice had cut it off in the end of the battle. The sith grinned in mixed thoughts, deactivated his lightsabers and ran to a sith fighter. The sith flew off trying to catch the jedi before they could inform the Jedi council.

The jedi talked, exchaused of all the fighting. "So they have a strong sith on their side..." Alegis finally blowed out, and they both sighed. The hole Republic would be doomed if the clones get raised and a sith controlling them, like in the past. Jedi council should be informed, but the fighter had no equipment for any kind of transmission.

The black space covered the large planet of Coruscant somewhere in the inner parts of the galaxy. A fighter speeded to the planet, with a sith fighter almost behind it. God, this would be the first day of the last days of the New republic...

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