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((Sigh... here we go again ))

Name: Amanda "Wildfire" O'Reiley
Age: 27
Occupation: Lonely Rider
Allignment: Neutral
Weapons: Amanda is an 'old style' fighter. She has only one gun, a pistol and has two pouches full of knives. She has excelent hand-eye coordination and rarely misses when she throws a knife.
Horse: Shadow, a grey horse that nobody else can touch
Bio: Amanda's parents were wanderers, never settling in one place. She tamed her first horse when she was 8 years old and met Bullseye McDagger during his '34 horse' week. They are not the best of friends, but are occasionally seen together.
Amanda was nicknamed Wildfire because she has a short temper.


Amanda stopped at the saloon rarely, but she was doing so now because she had somebody she was supposed to meet. She came in just as Tepe was sitting down at the bar, but went to sit in a booth, far away from the bar. While there, she recognized Tepe, but made no move to talk to him. She was here for a reason and would not stray from that.

((I wonder if one of these Wild West stories is actually going to work... I'm willing to try again and again... I was having fun with this character! ))

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