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Went to a massive book sale today -

Comet / Carl Sagan / HB
The Stars are also Fire / Poul Anderson /HB
The Fleet of Stars / Poul Anderson / HB
Harvest of Stars / Poul Anderson / HB
2061: Odyssey Three / Arthur C. Clarke
Rama II / / Arthur C. Clarke and Gentry Lee
2010: Odyssey Two / Arthur C. Clarke
Artifact / Gegory Benford / HB
Physics book / who cares (for programming)
AI programming / who cares (for those darn video games)
Contact / Carl Sagan / HB
Rondezvous with Rama / Arthur C. Clarke
Stranger in a Strange Land / Robert A Heinlein
Manifold Time / Stephen Baxter
About five other 400+ page programming/computer related books with MSRPs of $30 or more


King's Quest 7!

Care to guess what all that cost me?
$23 USD!

It was a steal.
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