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Admiral: Drago does remember. You don't think he'd "forget" do you. If he heard you say that you'd be in serious smelly brown stuff.

At any rate Vidar never said he was going to take Drago up on the offer and I'd say that if Allessa doesn't get off the planet then the deal will be off. (Along with a few Asier heads, if Hal has anything to do with it.)

As to Viking, you know as well as I do that the meaning of words gets twisted and while I've also seen it translated as port I think everyone got the meaning I intended.

Reference Scar's opinion of my forces, well, since he doesn't have his own army I think his opinion is moot.

In adition, for the purposes of my own reference I am compiling a tome on Agamar.

Brief History


Conflict between Commons Parliament and Noble Senate


A detailed breakdown of the military, including variations in Legionary formations, precise numbers for each territory and an illustrated weapons guide.

If anyone's interested maybe I could make it available for download.

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